Our goal is to create programs designed to benefit both people and animals in their daily life interactions. We believe both human and animal alike deserve assistance and a second chance.

P.U.P. Families:


We believe families should stay together. Through this program, we will provide assistance to pet families in their time of need so they can stay together. All too often pets are surrendered to rescue groups due to lack of training knowledge, a natural disaster, or a financial set back.

Whether is be a temporary fostering during a natural disaster, rent assistance or vet care coverage during a personal economic crisis, or training to help the pet better adapt to the home, we will make sure pets and their families get what they need to stay together, happy and healthy. We believe the people who love animals need support too. 

P.U.P. Abroad/Rescues Helping Rescuers:


**Our Afghan Colleagues need help!!!


PUP took on the sole responsibility for the Kabul Small Animal Rescue staff members and their families that did not make it through the HKIA gates during the withdrawal in August 2021.


We have since taken on the 58 people from Operation Magic Carpet that were left without any support in Pakistan.


We need to sort out the operation magic carpet groups documentation problems asap. They need that fixed so they can exit the country. This has been a huge undertaking for our tiny rescue, but these people are worth the effort.


Our KSAR group has all the documentation required. 


We want to stress that some staff from both orgs left their homes when they evacuated and can not go back to them because it is too dangerous or new people have moved in. This is a group of women, religous and ethnic minorities who face active persecution in Afghanistan.


Unfortunately there is a backup with US immigration and refugee processing, so it is taking longer for processing for the former Kabul small animal rescue group. We have a few months to go with them.


We are solely responsible for their support until cases are done.


We cannot start cases for Operation Magic Carpet group until documentation is fixed, so we have no timeliness for them yet.


We are committed to continue to work on the welfare of the 230 staffers and families who asked for help. We will not abandon them. They are our friends and rescue colleagues.


Maasai Project:

We are currently working with the Maasai through the MAGSA-Outreach program. A tribe of the Maasai is looking to improve their resources to care for their domesticated animals. Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko leads a tribe of over 5000 people. Joseph is the president of the MAGSA-OUTREACH which draws its members from Ntashat, an area with economic and social problems some 40 km outside of Nairobi. He believes that animals provide so much to his people and they should be treated with respect and love. They do not have proper access to veterinary care, which causes illness amongst their animals AND their tribal members. Our goal is to help them set up a solid system of consistent care and the skills to train their domesticated dogs to do more for the community.


Helping our other overseas friends:

We are currently assisting several international rescue partners in Egypt and Kuwait with the rehabilitation of abused cats and dog on a case by case basis. 


We are also working with the No Dog/Cat meat campaign to end the cruelty in that industry.


P.U.P. 2nd Chance Program:


The goal of the 2nd Chance Program is to foster, rehabilitate, and train shelter cats and dogs. Candidates will be selected by our trainers through evaluation. They will be put through a rehabilitation and training program, and learn how to be the best pet they can be. We will help them find their purpose in life, whether it be as a therapy animal or a beloved family pet. We will work to find the animals permanent homes once they have completed the program.


P.U.P. Patriot:


The P.U.P. Patriot program trains Veterans  to assist shelter dogs in their training as they achieve therapy dog status.

Those Veterans and their dogs will then visit VA Hospitals, Hospitals, Nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers bringing a little hope to those who need it most.
Veterans suffering from PTSD will go through an additional program, so the dogs will be able to help them cope with their disorder.

Through this program we also work with rescue organizations around the world to reunite rescued pets with military members while deployed. 

P.U.P. Outreach:


P.U.P. For Life- 

Our humane education program feature lectures and discussions which create a focus on responsible pet care and humane treatment of animals.

In schools and with youth groups Teaching children compassion toward living creatures from an early age; they can become positive role models in their community and home.


In the community -

Though our years of experience, we have noticed that most abuse and neglect cases started because of lack of knowledge or lack of funds. By creating a presence in a community that the residents feel they can trust, you can break the cycle of abuse and neglect in an area. Teaching people how to properly care for and train a pet, giving them access to low cost veterinary care and spay and neuter, and providing pet food when needed helps better both the animals and the communities quality of life. In situations where education of the owner will not change the animals’ quality of life, we offer the option to assume ownership of the pet so it does not suffer. In most cases that isn’t necessary and we are able to work with the pet owner and leave the pet in their original home.
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