Available for Adoption

Take a look at some of our featured residents who are finished with their rehab and available for adoption.


We always have a few fur-kids in training, all our center residents can be found here: 2022 Center Residents


Email adoptions@pawsunitepeople.com if you do not see any pets that strike your fancy :)

Featured Furbabies


Tank is a 6 year old Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix who had some resource guarding issues. We have been working on them, and he's doing great. He's an excellent student .
He shares his space at the center with cats and gets along with them famously.
Tank interacts with other dogs great when introduced properly. No children under 12.

Mozart, AKA Worm

Mozart, aka "wiggle worm", is doing great at the center.
He's about 2 years old and VERY active. He is extremely dog selective. We are working on his reaction to other dogs, but at present he is only OK with Baby-shark and the cats. Baby-shark essentially is a cat so we aren't surprised.
He has a TON of energy so we are keeping him busy as much as possible.
We are still training him, but he could go to a home if someone was committed to working with him and had no dogs. He has zero issues with humans, but he needs to learn rules. GPS collar will be a requirement for adoption. He cannot be left unsupervised in a fenced yard as he's very crafty for a 7 pound powder puff.


Nicky is a 1.5 year old cat waiting for a home at the center.
If you are looking for a cat, send us a message. We have some great residents looking for a home that range in age from 1 yr to 23 yrs.


Vesper is a 5 year old  Shirazi that LOVES cats, dogs and People. 

Adoption Application
Here is our adoption application. Please download, enable editing, fill in the information, and email back to adoptions@pawsunitepeople.com to adopt one of our cats or dogs. All of our animals are located on Long Island.
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