About Us: The Underdogs Are Our Passion :)

Our mission at Paws Unite People is to help eliminate the suffering of animals and humans alike.


Our mission is simple. We support animals and the people who love them when they need it the most. We assist shelter, abused, and neglected animals in finding their purpose in life through rehabilitation and training. We also help the people who care about them when they need us whenever we can. 


We have a Cat and Dog Rehabilitaion Center in East Patchogue, NY.

To donate to the shelter residents use:

Help the Shelter Residents


We are currently providing assistance to 2 groups of former animal shelter staff members and their families from Afghanistan who were supposed to make it in to the airport prior to the end of the withdrawal. There are over 200 people in our group who rely on us for their survival. For information on that effort, use the NEWS tab on our site.

To donate to help them use:

Help for Afghans


We are working with Maasai in Kenya. We are trying to help Chief Joseph to build an animal shelter, veterinary clinic, and water stations to help alleviate animals suffering. This is also an opportunity to help build up the villages infrastructure, creating job and educational opportunities. More information is on our MAASAI tab.

to donate to the project use:

Help the Maasai Animals


Our goal is to create programs designed to benefit both people and animals in their daily life interactions. We believe both human and animal alike deserve assistance and a second chance. Detailed information on our programs is on the PROGRAMS tab.


We believe in helping cats and dogs get a second chance in life. Through their interactions with people they can bring hope to others. We believe all life is precious and connected. By helping the people who love and care for animals, the animals lives are also changed for the better.l 


Our goal is always to help animals and the people who love them.


There is always hope.... all is not lost. One at a time, we strive to make a difference. The Beatles were right "Love is all you need." 


We strive to be a resource for rescue groups by providing assistance,  training,  and education to their members and rescue volunteers. It takes a village, and nobody can do it alone. 


If you are looking for a pet,  shoot us an email at adoptions@pawsunitepeople.com and we will help you find the right match for your family, because that is what rescue really is.


Rescue is about making families, helping families, and healing hearts.


We are a Not-for-profit corporation in New York State & a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in April 2013. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID #: 46-2371384. NYS registered rescue/shelter #RR429


Donate to help us save lives

Paws Unite People is ALL volunteer. We have no paid staff and run on donations and grants. Without your support, we cannot do what we do every day.

Every dollar donated helps us save lives.

Luna's House

P.U.P.'s Rehabilitation Center

Luna's House is  is designed to benefit both people and animals in their daily life interactions. We believe both human and animal alike deserve assistance and a second chance.

The center is located in East Patchogue, NY and is 2500 sq ft. Cats and Dogs are not kept in cages, they live in an open environment. We have special need adults come visit and work with the cats, we train our therapy animals there, and we use the space to rehabilite abused, neglected, and shelter animals. 

Luna's House is funded by general donations, sponsorships, our members personal funds, adoption fees, and grants. 


On any given day, approximately 90 adult cats reside at our center at various stages of rehabilitation. We presently have 41 sanctuary cats and 46 cats over 6 months waiting for adoption. Always ask if we have any kittens.

We do not cage, they are free roaming. The only time they are confined to cat towers is for medical or training purposes. 


We try to never house more than 15 dogs (depending on size and requirements) at the center at a time. They are not crated, and have their own rooms with tvs and couches. 

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